... On The Remix

Since the dawn of the DJ making the turntable a musical instrument, one of the most coveted tracks that any 12” could ever have was the acapella. This was more revered than the remixes themselves on the record. The idea of mixing an acapella and an instrumental while rocking a party was the beginning of the DJ turning into a producer. Fast forward to today and now we have services that not just get us the acapella track, but the rest of the stems also. The musical possibilities that fill our heads are endless and there’s no better time than now to share our bangers with other artists and DJ’s around the world.

As producer/DJs, just blending acapellas with instrumentals won’t cut it anymore. We have an opportunity to bring our musical skills beyond the turntables and back to the lab to build an incredible remix. It’s the track that will separate you from the pack and give you the advantage. Technology has advanced to the point where we have access to the best software, best computers at a low barrier to entry.

Going big on a remix is the difference between filling your floor and killing your floor.

... On Party Rocking

Big production. That’s the name of the game. I’ve always said that if you’re going to do it, do it right. Many times I’ve seen events or projects not live up to their fullest potential because of a word that prevents the wow factor, “overkill”. I’ve seen great design get absolutely demolished because of someone saying “no one cares about what font I use”. When you play at a high level, attention to detail is a minimum.

I cringe at “good enough”.

To truly makes something impactful, your competition should be yourself. See, creatives do the impossible. They make wow factor look easy when in actuality, it’s years of trial and error. Years of shelving ego and being comfortable with “white space” on pages. The same goes in event production. Does the decor match the invite? Does the lighting match the theme made from the creative documentation done by each creative? Is the lighting musical? What’s “lighting musical”? If you have to ask, you’re overlooking the details. Events are a time based spectacle of wonder. Use every second wisely during your show or you’ll lose your audience.

... On Company Culture

It’s no secret that happy employees produce amazing results. But in order to attend to a large group in a company, you need to think big. The reason for this is because the personalities are diverse. That’s the beauty about it. It’s not about you, it’s about them, and in order to serve them you have to think big. Big beyond the scope of what you know. Take the time to meet your coworkers, and find out what motivates them to live life to the fullest. Get to know them and tailor an experience that is lasting and worth talking (and blogging) about.


“You’ve done so much for me.
All of a sudden, so much of music makes sense to me.”
Jeremy Lim | Electronic Artist & Composer
“I wanted to share that you were nominated for 2 Golden Banana Awards… You definitely made an impact on the people here.”Natania Mathany | Head of People & Culture at A Thinking Ape Entertainment Ltd.
“Terence is not only an outstanding ape, but an outstanding human being. He knows what excellence is and strives for it in everything he puts his heart into. Despite having numerous responsibilities and obligations he somehow found the time to not only help out but become the driving production force with Tech’s got Talent…

We couldn’t have done it without his vision. It’s truly an honour and an inspiration to work with such a brilliant person.”1st Anonymous Golden Banana Award Nomination | 2nd Quarter

“Terence has taken DONUT to a whole new level. Its awesome to see how he takes the time to really find out what his donut dates interests are and then makes a very personalized experience for them. By taking the donut thing so seriously, Terence is contributing to “building communities” internally at ATA. He even makes videos of the donut dates after and the founders of DONUT saw it on Natania’s Linkedin and wanted to post it on their Linkedin page.

He demonstrates that he really wants to get to know his co workers and makes a huge effort to do so.”2nd Anonymous Golden Banana Award Nomination | 2nd Quarter

“No doubt, your ideas and innovative curriculum development was an example and indication of great opportunities that will surface for you in the future. Kudos for being a student leader!”
Rolf Boon, Ph.D. | Chair, Music and Digital Audio Arts | University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Fine Arts
“Terence has a very outgoing personality and was easy to work with. He was professional and positive to those around him and I was impressed with the level of preparedness leading up to our performances.”
David Renter, DMA | Director, Jazz Activities, Saxophone | University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Fine Arts
“Terence Mazon has been one of the most passionate and devoted students I have had the pleasure to work with. Being a student leader and tutor to his fellow classmates, Terence inspired musicianship in those around him.”Gilles Parenteau, BMus. | Instructor Arranging | Selkirk College


Here is a small collection of some of the tracks I've produced for both artists and video games.